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  • 2016-11-03 10:13:10
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So hot all the way to the "price war" has finally come to an end in the seemingly benign change in the industry, but how much prices can bring favorable conditions is not yet completely conclusions for the entire LED industry, as the LED industry chain downstream LED display influence screen vendors mobilize on the market price is also crucial in the industry under the "price boom" surging, LED display enterprises or from low-cost to get out of trouble, usher in a new development opportunity.

As we all know, has been price competition LED display industry is a malignant tumor in the industry, with sales continuing to cut prices to stimulate consumer spending and did not play a key role, but in such a bad price competition with many SMEs making a last effort to struggle toward a merger or bankruptcy. Today, the price boom spread to the LED display enterprises, enterprises can not only take the opportunity to screen out of the quagmire of price competition, but also to improve product sales prices, higher profits without affecting the market situation for enterprises to before the development of more favorable conditions.

In fact, the real obstacle LED display enterprises forward and not just "price war", prices are rising as the industry, LED display key enterprises to strengthen technology upgrading and brand building is the competition. All along, the "price" is the LED display industry is a sensitive topic, but now, "the mere mention of talk about price" era seems to have come in the past, LED display enterprises should be more focus on technology research and development and international brand building the market return to reason, LED display enterprises should use better technology and better products to contribute to the quality demands of the market.

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