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Export competitive core technology is the key
  • 2016-09-06 09:23:13
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With the rapid development of economic globalization, China 's economy is gradually with the world, Chinese products are also more and more into the international perspective, LED display products are no exception . Although the domestic LED display industry market is huge, but due to lack of industry standards, resulting in uneven product quality, frequent false cottage products, high cost of rights and other factors, coupled with the impact of overseas sales of high profits, many companies have opted for this export road.

As early as 2012, China 's LED display industry already accounted for the majority share of the global market , has experienced rapid development , the entire industry output value of more than 200 million . In recent years, global economic growth continues to accelerate , the price war between competing staged in various LED display industry , business competition intensified , while exports increased year by year , but the problem of frequent exports , trade barriers , rising costs and a series of problems subsequently exposed.

In the fast-changing international situation , China 's foreign trade frequently why the gun was all sorts of problems ? Ultimately, the key to master the core technology is the competition. The data show that , with their own brand export enterprises in the country , only 20 % of independent brand exports accounted for about 1% of the country's total export trade "OEM" phenomenon is still very widespread. Once the survey detained Chinese LED products to high anti-dumping tax, will lose the price advantage , the lack of effectiveness of the domestic brand for its competitiveness will be significantly reduced.

Therefore, as the LED display enterprises, must keep a sober mind to understand clearly the root of the problem lies exports, rather than blindly follow the trend, advancing hastily. As a new LED display technology products, although on a global scale have a broader application, but many companies rely on exports but had ignored the blind does not make LED industry is to achieve long-term development. Only increase research and development of core technology, China's LED display industry will progress from the "Made in China" to "Created in China" change, improve product quality, low-cost low-quality change bad impression in the international community, can really do mastered the core technology of LED display major exporter.

Conclusion: In the existing situation, although there are many LED companies actively involved in the field of energy-saving screen, but also on research and development has also made some progress, but for saving and environmental protection industry, it belongs to a weak industry profitability property even in the short term will increase the operating costs of production, therefore, the development of energy-saving screen market is relatively slow. To achieve large-scale universal need LED display industry as a whole to work together to co-ordinate thinking to promote energy-saving and environmental protection industries.

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