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Full Color Led Display Of How To Do Fire Prevention
  • 2018-10-15 10:58:23
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While the rapid development of LED display industry, LED products and standardization was put on the agenda again . In particular, LED display screen fire safety application of technology is the focus .

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Full-color display technology is good or bad fire and the fire display screen raw materials, technology box has a great association.

Fire includes a display screen inside the main raw material used wire, power supply , external structural fire protection materials and plastic packages of these four aspects :

First point: In most applications, the display screen , the display screen of the display unit area the greater the consumption the greater stability of the wire is energized with a higher demand . Numerous wire products , the use of wire line with GB requirements to be able to guarantee its safety and stability , which requires three things : a conductive carrier core copper wire , wire core cross-sectional area of tolerance in the standard range of values , wrapped wire core rubber insulation and flame resistance up to standard , compared with the average copper clad aluminum core , core cross-sectional area is too small , not enough grade rubber insulation wire , power performance is more stable , less prone to short-circuit situation.

The second point : UL certified power products also chose the same product the best choice , its effective conversion rate to ensure power load security and stability in the external environment temperature hot situations, and can work normally ;

The third point : the display screen external protective structure material aspects , the market higher fire rating display screen products are mostly fire-resistant aluminum panels, excellent fire resistance , fire retardant is also very strong , the core material of special oxygen aging performance is also very strong , the melting temperature of 135 ℃, decomposition temperature of 300 ℃, environmental performance, halogen , in line with SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, using a reference standard UL94, GB / 8624-2006. General outdoor display screen aluminum plate products with high temperature , rain, hot and cold impact of aging faster, make it more humid climate paragraph season , rain easily penetrate the inside of the screen lead to electronic components caused by short circuit fire ;

The fourth point : LED full color display fireproof materials is also an important part of that is plastic packages , plastic packages is the main unit of the module bottom shell mask the use of materials , the main raw materials used is PC + glass fiber material with fire-retardant features , not only with flame retardant function better at high temperatures and in long-term use , no deformation, not brittle cracking , combined with better sealing glue to use , can effectively block the rain penetration into the interior of the external environment causing short-circuit fire .

In addition to internal raw materials will affect the fire effect , the external configuration and design are also very important , but the external configuration mainly related to the fire problems in the heat , in the display screen simultaneously configures the exhaust fan and air conditioning on the screen and the body of thermal cooling , recommended every 8-10 square assembly 1P body temperature remained normal screen air conditioning to ensure a constant temperature , air conditioning or fan configuration is not in place can cause uneven heat treatment , easily lead to raise the temperature caused by internal security screen risks.

In addition , Fujian Higreen Cai Liang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. reminder : Many LED enterprises in the cabinet protection grade test , simply to simulate the external environment, water spray test , waterproof effect persistence and intensity to be verified , so the resulting there is the case of water seepage occurs after the screen display products used for some time, which is an important reason for outdoor display screen prone to fire or short life . In response to a lightning storm , Screen devices also avoid the lightning arrester assault and burn the body of the screen inside the device an essential tool , you can directly import the lightning ground , screen body will not have an impact.

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