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How to choose high-quality LED display
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Now, with the advancement of technology and social development of outdoor advertising , outdoor media, people are increasingly high requirements , so , LED big screen began to emerge. LED large display is the perfect combination of technology and media , product applications involving finance and securities, sports , airports, railway stations, road traffic , commercial , telecommunications and many other areas of telecommunications . How to choose a good quality LED large screen , is that many buyers need to consider. The following key aspects of the LED screen in terms of this question:


LED display surface flatness to within ± 1mm, to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed will lead led display viewing angle of dead ends. The quality of flatness is determined mainly by the production process.

Brightness and viewing angle

Brightness brightness and viewing angle Indoor full color LED display To 1800cd / m2 or more, outdoor full color LED display modules brightness to the 5000cd / m2 or more, outdoor led strip screen brightness to the 2000cd / m2 or more, in order to ensure normal LED display brightness requirements, or because the brightness is too low and can not see the contents of the display. The size of the brightness of the LED die is good or bad decision.

How many LED display audience directly determine the size of the viewing angle, and therefore the bigger the better, mainly by the size of the viewing angle of the die package to decide.

White balance

Balance effect balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the LED display. Chromatics taken in red, green and blue in the ratio of 3: 6: 1 will show a pure white, if the actual proportion of any deviation occurs the white balance bias, generally pay attention to whether there is bluish white, yellow green phenomenon. White balance is mainly determined by the quality of the LED display control system, die for the reduction of color also have an impact.

Color reduction

Color reduction refers to the reduction of color color LED display for color reduction , both the LED display to be highly consistent with the source of the color , so as to ensure realistic images .

Have mosaic, dead phenomenon

Mosaic refers Steady appear on LED display normally black or small squares , both modules necrosis , mainly due to the quality of the LED display connectors used , but off. Dead point is steady appear on the LED display or normally black single point , how much good or bad from the die to determine the dead point .

Have patch

Have color , color refers to the presence of neighboring obvious color difference between LED display modules , color transition to a module as a unit , causing the color phenomenon mainly by the control system is poor , the gray level is not high , scanning lower frequency caused .


Gradation display is led from the darkest to the brightest technical processing between series , the higher the gray level, the richer the color , the color is more beautiful ; the picture is more delicate , more rich and expressive detail. At present, LED display mainly uses eight processing system , that 256 ( 28 ) levels of gray . Simple understanding is that 256 kinds of brightness change from black to white total . Using RGB color can constitute a 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 colors. It is known as 16 million colors .

refresh rate

Refresh rate refers to the number of display LED display screen is displayed repeated , in theory , the higher the refresh rate , the better the show , in general, civil or commercial-grade LED display products in indoor LED display refresh frequency is greater than 180HZ outdoor LED display refresh frequency is greater than 300HZ.

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