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LED display positive diversification
  • 2016-10-12 09:16:46
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Outdoor LED Display is one of the outdoor advertising , with the improvement of urban construction standards, more and more cities to abandon the traditional advertising carrier , conversion LED display. LED display to occupy an important position in society , not only to play the ad , but also to spread welfare, Stream missing person , Fuzhou and even the use of LED screens debt payment , and thus realize the outdoor LED display from a purely commercial sexual orientation in social welfare properties enhanced gorgeous transformation.

In other countries, the use of outdoor LED display to carry out public to participate in the construction of social cases abound :

USA : Many US carriers outdoor LED display is also working with relevant government and public institutions , in terms of participation in social events and to protect the public plays an important role. In November 2012 , the United States Sandy hurricane event , the Federal Administration (FEMA) digital screen displays the emergency weather warnings in ten states . Every update , from production to broadcast, process less than 15 minutes. In April 2013 , after the Boston Marathon bombings , local and national security services began to warn and inform the public use of outdoor LED display. Police suspect's photograph posted on the screen , and warned the public to stay indoors during the hunt in the city .

UK: held a special outdoor activities call for public donations to African women entrepreneurs contribute forces , Britain nonprofits Microloan use outdoor LED display: display a nonprofit organization with a Microloan coin block consisting of an Africa on the outdoor LED screen image of women in the picture , when passers- passing big-screen follow the instructions to send text messages donations, the display will be wafting some coins , originally incomplete image of women put together a little bit , so as to achieve the purpose of donation .

Thailand : In order to raise public awareness of the protection of children , effective protection of children no longer have been violated , child protection agencies (CPCR) to join Leo Burnett produced on the outdoor LED display various centers in Bangkok and big outdoor and served "CHILDABUSE " the series of outdoor public service ads, and include telephone hotlines in the ad. After the launch event , CPCR received more than 300 calls a day reporting . Currently , this approach has become the most effective preventive measures , so that the problem of child sexual abuse prevention has been effectively improved.

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