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LED door head screen market popular
  • 2016-09-12 10:02:59
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In the LED display market , LED full color display has become the market mainstream products , but the door to the first screen represented by the LED screen market is still dominated by a single color products . But as technology advances and costs decline , the final product as a single color screen door of the first line of defense market , is also about to be compromised full color LED display .

As the first full-color door recently a new media door advertising , the potential value of the space it is increasingly optimistic about the market. Door advertising is a strong penetration of advertising media , outdoor advertising is an extension of the fixed , with a large screen advertising impact of advertising impact of long duration , can effectively meet the specific areas and sectors , industry-specific advertising appeals . The first full-color door allows the emergence of the first door advertising value in various fields to achieve the maximum improvement.

Replace the door first full-color monochrome door head has been unstoppable trend , full-color monochrome substituted phenomenon has spread from the first panel to the door with the other areas of the screen . In order to better meet the huge market potential demand , bright color P10 outdoor SMD full color LED display screen door head emerged .

The biggest difference with the screen door of the first monochrome screen is not only capable of playing them one red, one white , one green , purple and other single monochrome effect , can also play two-color, full-color and monochrome screen video covering all the features.

P10 outdoor full color SMD module consists of a red LED chip, green LED chip and a blue LED chip package after the formation of a pixel matrix , and then fixed to the plastic from the kit ;

This module contains the driver chip and chip input buffer , connected to the LED display control system can display video, image and text information ;

By OE signal to drive a red LED, a green LED and a blue LED driver chips can be formed 16777216 colors transform ;

This module can be horizontally and vertically any stitching , taped together to form different sizes of screen

Cell plate features:

High-contrast display can achieve a good effect

With super bright LED and high-quality plastic parts

Weight easy installation and removal

Using constant current drive LED, light uniformity, low power consumption

Pixel pitch of 10mm, a total of 32 * 16 pixels , each pixel composed by the 1R1G1B

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