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LED module Diversified development of a new growth point achievement
  • 2016-10-17 15:14:01
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In recent years, small-pitch technology has been rapid development. It is based on its no patchwork, excellent image quality, application flexibility and so on, has now become a small pitch LED screen business display and command and control in the field of "favorite."

Today, the small spacing is constantly impact on the existing market structure, and gradually developed into the field of LED display one of the important branches. The latest data show that in 2015, China's small market size pitch LED display 15.5 billion, the market penetration rate of 21.7%, to 2020 small spacing LED market is expected to reach 4.65 billion yuan, representing an increase of 2 times in 2015, while penetration rate will reach 36.1%. After two or three years of deliberation and bedding, fine pitch LED this year is expected to be formed in the flashpoint and usher in the golden period of development.

In recent years, high-end applications in indoor performance is pretty good small spacing LED, its no patchwork, good color, the use of flexible, energy-saving and environmental protection advantages gradually in the traditional big-screen project areas in order to command and control center, represented by budding and studio room, Bureau of Meteorology, meeting rooms, exhibition halls and other areas began to get involved.

Small spacing LED sales only growing, its technology has been exceeded. At present, China LED display enterprises in addressing small pitch products "low ash high bright" and other technical problems have made considerable progress. At the same time, to ensure not to hurt the eyes when viewed under the premise of the product also has a small pitch can be by-point correction, dynamic high refresh rate, good cooling system, longer life, small footprint and other unique advantages. Most notably, the small pitch LED display overcome the problem of maintenance of the front end, which further reduce the screen thickness, easy to install, maintain, and saves space and costs.

In addition, the spacing has been a great breakthrough. 2012, point spacing of 2.5mm display (P2.5) officially opened a small spacing LED era, then, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.4, P1.2 and other new products, and the constant refresh the record. Today, P1.0, P0.8, P0.7 and other smaller dot pitch products to the market. From a technical perspective, the small pitch LED display technology has been fully able to meet the market demand for applications, and even have been walking in front of the market application requirements.

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