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LED screen on how to find the best opportunity to embrace the challenges of the times
  • 2016-09-02 09:43:10
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2016 is the first year "Thirteen Five Year Plan" , China also manufacture fully implemented in 2025 . The steady development of China's LED display industry , the overall size increased year by year , has become the economic development of the industrial chain an important part in all areas of social economy has been widely used.

In the "five " period , LED display applications industry emphasis on innovation development, and constantly develop new products to lead the market , forming a series of standardized products . Outlook " Thirteen Five ", LED display industry will also actively adapt to the economic development of the new normal , follow the pace of China 's economic development , leading the market , while increasing innovation efforts , showing a thriving new industry image.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics , in 2014 China working age population over 16 years of age to 60 years of age is 91583 million to reduce 371 million over the end of 2013 . With the aging population and increasing rapid decline of the labor force in global trade , the Chinese labor force diminishing competitive advantage . The rise in labor costs , while also means corporate profits decline .

As we all know , for enterprises , the profit is the source of life , but many enterprises in the face of rising labor costs and falling profits embarrassment when , how to deal with it ? At present, many companies have started a new form of intelligent manufacturing mode , create intelligent management and service . It is reported that a large goods companies have achieved production line adopts the international advanced production equipment , finished after production through automatic stacking robot , unmanned shuttle from the car after the palletizing products automatically into automated warehouse .

In LED manufacturing companies , but also the gradual rise of the " Substitution machine " technology to automate , scale and standardization to achieve lean production , reduce costs, increase market competitiveness of industry quality specifications , which are for the LED display industry the future development of the direction. Since 2014 until 2020 , Shenzhen City Finance will arrange 500 million yuan annually , direct financing , equity financing , loans, interest subsidies , subsidies for seven consecutive years robots , wearable devices and intelligent equipment industry . With the country have launched the " machine -for " the support and financial subsidies , LED display production automation process will accelerate .

At present, the domestic LED display industry has been basically midstream package to automate production, and automation , intelligence downstream applications being strengthened , the latest intelligent product and application solutions concern. With the innovative LED technology , automatic intelligent continue to strengthen , with technical advantages and scale strength of the business will come to the fore.

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