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Small spacing outbreak,leveraging the LED display industry new opportunities
  • 2016-10-20 14:41:36
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In just a few years time, our small spacing LED technology has on the world, "peak", even far beyond the current market demand. And the product's core technology indicators "pitch" a breakthrough has been fully able to meet today's market demands. Therefore, either from a cost or from the market, we have no need to continue to go into the pitch. More people in the industry suggested that China's small pitch LED display technology industry should pursue a gradual transition to market from the pursuit.

In addition, the application from the current market, the spacing is too small LED display products also maintained a relatively cautious attitude, reason, bear the brunt of the high cost. According to sales statistics, in the actual market application P2-P3.1 products account for a small pitch LED market share of the largest, accounting for 58% of total sales. The small LED product sales pitch P2 less and less than 10%, P1.2 The following product is even more minimal.

As the market matures, small pitch LED display manufacturers will focus on turning its comprehensive experience, such as the volume of the product, the product structure, optimizing display performance, appearance, standardized, small pitch AR, VR, 3D technologies and so on.

The past two years as the hottest people of VR technology, and a small pitch LED hand Case endless stream. VR products from technical point of view, enhance the screen resolution bear the brunt. Like the current common market P1.2-P1.6 small spacing LED resolution can be comparable to the effect of 8K TV, and for VR products, 4K resolution is to reach its mature standards. In addition, compared to traditional display, LED screen, a small pitch in brightness, color, size, we have the advantage is more seamless, allowing VR scene realistic show to watch and more people to participate in collaborative interaction. With the outbreak of VR technology industry, small pitch LED display technology, with its no patchwork, excellent display, will show explosive growth. Future, VR + LED + Put on a small pitch devices will become super scene mainstream applications.

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