The new upgrade indoor P2.5 triple paste full color
  • 2016-09-26 10:23:49
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P2.5 Indoor full color SMD 3in1 unit board consists of a red LED chip, green LED chip and a blue LED chip package after a pixel matrix composition , and then fixed to the formed plastic packages ;

This board contains driver chip unit and an input buffer chip , connected to the LED display control system can display video, image and text information;

By OE signal to drive a red LED, a green LED and a blue LED driver chips can be formed 16,777,216 color conversion ;

P2.5 SMD RGB Indoor LED Display Module

Excellent display quality

High ash low light : brightness down to still achieve the full performance of 20% gray , display outstanding quality .

Even high-definition display, no color cast , no stain , no color ;

Customize unique technology successfully solve the problem the first line of dim , better display ;

High refresh rate : display stable , flicker-free , more natural display

Physical resolution (Resolution) 64 * 64

Frame Rate (Refresh Rate) ≥60Hz

Box with die-cast aluminum frame design , elegant appearance , optimal horizontal viewing angle 120 ± 10 °, vertical 120 ± 10 °.

Seamless splicing technology , adjustable gap

Adjustable gap : between the tank can fine-tune , no dark line bright lines .

P2.5 SMD RGB Indoor LED Display Module

You can splice any screen size , better than the traditional LCD splicing screen LCD and DLP rear projection performance.

Precision machining of metal structures , not only durable, but also to achieve a high-quality seamless effect , ensures that the display

Consistent uniform picture .

The back of the new upgrade kit

Stylish, easy to install , hit the screw does not burst , no distortion , weathering resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics

Zero noise : fanless , providing quiet working environment

Luxury Package : Each plate is individually wrapped

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