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The new upgrade project P10 outdoor full color triple paste
  • 2016-10-08 09:55:40
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P10 outdoor full color SMD module consists of a red LED chip, green LED chip and a blue LED chip package after the formation of a pixel matrix , and then fixed to the plastic from the kit ;

● This module contains the driver chip and chip input buffer , connected to the LED display control system can display video, image and text information ;

● by OE signal to drive a red LED, a green LED and a blue LED driver chips can be formed 16777216 colors transform ;

P10 SMD RGB Outdoor LED Display Module

Large viewing angle , horizontal viewing angle of 140 ± 8 above , the vertical viewing angle of 140 ° 140 ± 8 or more, and a full range of viewing consistently .

Even high-definition display, no color cast , no stain , no color ;

High quality SMD lamps , high brightness , fully meet the standard requirements for outdoor display brightness , the display remains clearly visible under the glare of the sun .

The new upgrade kit

Shading is not reflective mask design , using high quality imported plastic rice production, UV-resistant , long-term use does not fade , even ink color does not change , maintaining product consistency and contrast of the original , long-term use , the effect is always ever.

Good waterproof performance modules , waterproof lamp performance, light surface using plastic irrigation technology , plus the back of three anti-paint spray , double waterproof protection , efficient work rain or shine

P10 SMD RGB Outdoor LED Display Module

Weathering resistance can adapt to harsh outdoor environments .

Luxury Package : Each plate is individually wrapped

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