CAILIANG more than 4000 square meters LED display in Beijing

2016-09-05 10:40:34

More and more high-rise buildings going up , outdoor LED display is also increasingly widely used ; it is not only to bring to enhance the image of the city , but also gives the building another wipe color.

Small distances big screen

Successfully installed opposite the New China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi District, Beijing, an outer diameter of 194.512 meters long , 21.456 meters high , a total of 4174 square meters of outdoor full color display, products offered by the sea in Fujian Higreen Cai Liang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. , the project the amount of total time of 8 months.

Wonderful large color screen media , deliver a better life

Liang pilot project stage and April 25, 2016 - Beijing International Auto Show between May 4 combine to form the perfect date . Look at cars, watching stars, watching the sea good color bright screen , welcome customers to visit , witnessed by the Fujian CAILIANG bright color products to create the Chinese sky wonders. Dream-like world of light and shadow - this is the perfect combination of technology and business masterpiece

Adhere to honesty , insist on technology and process innovation

Thank customers and participate in the construction of all engineering personnel , technical experts for a long time Haia bright color support and love ! The future we will work together colleagues Ningxinjuli seize the opportunity to accelerate the pace to promote leapfrog development and create next part of our mythology .

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