China LED display to get rid of

2016-12-06 10:11:55

"Big but not strong" has always been synonymous with foreign countries in China, indeed, once China in the economy, science and technology, and so relatively backward. However, this year's China is different from the past, today's China has undergone a profound transformation in all directions, China's role in the world stage has changed, and now China is not only a big country, but also a strong country.

Especially in the LED display industry, look at the world, if the total output value by region, the Chinese LED display manufacturers have occupied the highest share of the world. In recent years, China LED display frequently debut in the world stage (such as Times Square, Brazil World Cup, France, European Cup, Russia Sochi Winter Olympics, Brazil Rio Olympic Games). LED display industry is more proud of the small spacing LED, China is to create a precedent, the first small-pitch LED display technology research and development, walking in front of the international LED giants.

World LED to see Asia, Asia LED to see China. This is the current global LED industry, the most realistic portrayal of the pattern. LED industry as an important branch of China's LED display industry after years of development, technology and innovation have been synchronized in the world LED display industry.

Since China opened the door to the world, the "reputation" of China's cheap labor world factory began to spread, and the truth is as it is said. Chinese people's hard-working hands to create a lot of the rise of enterprises, LED display companies, of course, is no exception.

At present, China has become a big manufacturing country, "Made In China" is a Chinese business card. LED display enterprises in terms of China, not only the domestic sales of foreign brands is "made in China", even in foreign sales of many products is OEM OEMs in China.

According to the latest survey found that the first half of 2016, the top ten key areas of LED products exports 20.221 billion US dollars, of which the first half of the country other LED color monitor (mainly LED display) exports of about 3.929 billion US dollars, Up 10.08% over the same period.

With the "intellectual storm" sweeping the world, "smart" concept in all walks of life continue to deepen, inspire more and more intelligent product was born. LED display industry to be outdone, China's LED display industry is not entirely lack of innovation. Intelligent LED display, intelligent LED lights, human interactive display screen, smart fitting screen, multi-screen interaction, etc., domestic LED display enterprises through continuous efforts and constant innovation, have displayed intelligent display products.
In some domestic cities, from elevators to subway stations, to smart home, intelligent meeting, intelligent charging pile, intelligent LED lights, to the major high-end occasions, such as conference rooms, hotels, supermarkets, subway high-speed rail service center Indoor, there is no shortage of intelligent LED display to see the shadow, they can not only display high-definition, smooth, dynamic images and video, but also for the audience to provide more features and services.
A wealth of applications to develop a large number of industry applications, with the popularity of the application and the development of sub-areas, LED intelligent display has also been applied to many industries.

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