Full-color LED display screen proportion of design factors

2017-01-09 16:38:30

Full-color LED screen is the mainstream of the market display devices, many of my friends in the early design of full-color LED display size design has been a no concept of state. Full-color LED screen size design based on three factors, the first is the installation environment, by LED color screen width and height of the program size, the third point is usually broadcast content, which is media advertising, wedding video, HDTV, HD Movies and more.
Installation environment: LED full-color screen is divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, indoor LED screen is usually a floor space, the width is generally unrestricted, and the height is usually between 2.8-3.5 meters, outdoor full color LED Large screen is usually not subject to size restrictions, width and height can be flexibly adjusted, the only factor is the layout of the landlord on the ad, such as a building has many layers, the first floor is the door entrance and flow channel can not be used, Half of the outer wall is usually the first floor of the store signs, 3,4,5 floor is usually the layout of large billboards position, this location belongs to the advertising gold location, there are usually many business operators want to rent outdoor advertising, will be divided into several The size may be limited, that in order to coordinate the overall layout must be accepted by the overall planning, only in accordance with the size of the lessor to design, if the 3,4, the overall size of the design, 5 floor without any planning, that LED full color display size can be any design.
Ideal size: LED full-color screen can play different video signals, such as their own production of LED advertising videos, guests from the recorded video programs, television, film entertainment and so on. Own video content produced by advertising companies usually proportion can be designed according to the proportion of LED full-color screen, the guests from the recorded video programs such as outings, wedding commemorations, corporate self-timer and so the proportion of the display according to the ratio of shooting tools to define, such as Mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc., the proportion of television broadcast video is usually 16: 9 signal output, such as CCTV programs and local stations and so on, the United States is usually a large proportion of 2: 1 or 16: 7, Of the film display ratio is usually 16: 9, so do full-color LED before, to play a depth of content, if the proportion of LED full-color screen production ratio does not match the program will lead to image compression, the effect shown on the display A bit awkward, it seems proportional distortion problems, can be resolved through the LED full-color screen parameter settings, LED full-color up and down or left will be left blank or you can add text scroll information to fill. The best in the design of full-color LED display when in accordance with the proportion of the design.

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