Higreen CaiLiang Henan flagship store opened and the tenth anniversary of Zhengzhou Poseidon

2016-11-05 11:25:53

Lingering passion and joy, bearing the responsibility and dreams. Recently, Higreen CaiLiang Henan flagship store opening and Zhengzhou Poseidon ten anniversary in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the advertising market A District held a grand, chairman of the Higreen Group, Mr. Lin Jianzhong, Luohe City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Meng Zhigang, Zhengzhou Poseidon Electronic Technology Mr. Meng Fei, General Manager, Mr. Wu Liwei, General Manager of Zhengzhou Zhongli Market attended the event.

Majestic atmosphere of the drums, passionate speech, colorful theatrical performances, accompanied by the blessing lion dotting, wind and rain ribbon-cutting ceremony so that the audience cheered, each link shows the big heavy corporate culture, In the joyful celebration, faith, thanksgiving, dream, responsibility throughout, the colleague, the partner, the customer, the friend and the friend are merged into one body, this is the essence of Higreen Cailiang and Zhengzhou Poseidon corporate culture!

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