How to choose LED module when customised LED displayHow to choose LED module when customised LED display

2016-12-06 08:50:21

As we all know , LED display has five different LED modules , and between the different modules have their different advantages and disadvantages , so the customized LED screen , the client need to understand the characteristics of LED screen modules , it can be based on actual The application and site conditions to choose. Let us work together to understand some LED display modules .

Depending on the LED screen surface treatment process , we can plug it into the module , surface-mount module, sub- surface-mount module triple paste modules , three and a surface-mount module .
A plug-in module
Refers DIP package lights will light foot through the PCB by soldering tin filled in the light hole made by the process of this LED module is inserted lamp module ; the advantage of viewing angle, high brightness , heat good ; drawback is the small pixel density .
Second, the surface-mount module
Third, the sub- surface-mount module
Is a product between the DIP and SMT between package surface and SMT LED lights , like , but it had the same positive and negative level pin DIP , as well as through the production of PCB to welding , such processes do LED modules into the advantages are: high brightness, display is good , the disadvantage is : complex process, difficult to repair.
Fourth, triple paste
Refers to the R, G, B three different colors of LED chip packaging in the same colloidal ; advantages are: simple production , showing good results , the disadvantage is : by separation is difficult and costly.
Five, three and a surface-mount
Refers to the R, G, B three kinds of independent package SMT lamp in accordance with a certain juxtaposition of vertical spacing , so that not only has all the advantages of all three in one , but also to solve the shortcomings triple

Paste also known as SMT , SMT package of light through the welding process welding on the surface of the PCB , lamp pins do not pass through the PCB , the advantages are: viewing angle, the display image soft , high pixel density , suitable for indoor viewing ; drawback is brightness is not high enough , the lamp itself heat is not good enough .

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