LED prices continue to rise

2016-09-18 09:30:06

Since the end of August, the domestic LED chip and packaging manufacturers once again set off a round of price hikes , sanan ( 600 703 ) , zsmls( 002,745 ) , xinda, nationstar ( 002 449 ) and others in the group recently raised the LED package devices price. TrendForce 's LED industry research brand LEDinside said small spacing display market demand is to promote the supply chain of major price increases kinetic energy .
Comprehensive news media , recently, chip manufacturers and three optical primary display packaging supplier Cinda Optoelectronics coincidentally announced price increases of 10% and 5% . LEDinside noted , indoor LED display average number per square meter LED will gradually rise to 270,000 from 2015 to 60,000 over the next two years, the mean area under the same circumstances demand , the upstream LED chip and package increased use of more than three times the amount .
2012 Liard ( 300,296 ) introduced the concepts so far, little has entered the pitch led display market growth, market size is expanding rapidly since . Demand and technological advances will drive small space downstream of the pitch packages and chip consumption is growing rapidly.
LEDinside estimates that by 2016 the number of small spacing LED consumption will reach 29 billion particles , with the Chinese mainland encapsulating material gradually towards the development of domestic production , the cost will fall further , to promote market development , in 2021 a small pitch LED consumption will reach 189.8 billion particles , compound annual growth rate of 46% , the output value is expected in 2016 from $ 300 million in 2021 to grow to 800 million US dollars , the annual compound growth rate of 21%.
In addition, the outdoor display also began the trend of small pitch packages , as applicable to outdoor surface mounted LED gradually overcome moisture, ultraviolet, and other technical problems, the outdoor display high-definition , high-density trend is gradually rising , the average distance from P10 to P6 less progress is also expected to show explosive growth. LEDinside estimates , the number of outdoor LED consumption from 93.6 billion in 2021 to grow to 286.4 billion in 2015 , the annual compound growth rate of 20 %.
Insiders said that this year the LED chip , package price increases , in essence, are related with the hot display market . Display market rapidly growing demand for transmission to the display and chip packaging side , and this is also spill over to the tight supply lighting chip , chip difference between the display and lighting chip epitaxial process is different, but in the epitaxial equipment and chip production in the production there is competition on the device , display a good market , chip makers will turn to the display part of chip production capacity , which led to tight supply of chips lighting

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