New Items Products Of Led Display Module

2017-06-01 15:06:05

D8 outdoor led display module 32x16mm

Product Overview

● Outdoor RGB D8 led display module mainly by the red LED chip, green

LED chip and blue LED crystallize package for a pixel after the

matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit made of;

● This module contains the driver chip and input buffer chip,

connected to the LED display control system can be significant

Display video, image and text information;

● Driver chip that drives red LED, green LED and blue LED by OE

signal, can be formed 16777216 kinds of color transformation;

● This module can be stitching in horizontal and vertical directions,

so as to make different sizes of display

Module Features

● High contrast can achieve a good display

● With super bright LED and high-quality plastic pieces

● Easy to install and dismantle

● Constant current drive LED, uniform light, low power


● Pixel pitch of 8mm, a total of 40 * 20 pixels, each pixel

consists of 1R1G1B.

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