SMD RGB OUTDOOR H8 1/4 Scan Big Project Series 256X128
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    Higreen CAILIANG
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    P8 Big Project
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HIGREEN CAILIANG SMD RGB OUTDOOR H8 1/4 Scan Big Project Series 256X128
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SMD RGB OUTDOOR H8 1/4 Scan Big Project Series 256X128
(Pixels Pitch)8mm                            
(Control Mode)Synchronous (Or Asynchronous )
(Cabinet Size) 768mm×768mm           
(Drive Mode)1/4 Scan
(Pixel Density)15625 pixels/㎡            
(Refresh Rate) ≥60Hz
(System Operating Platforms)WIN7、WINXP、WIN2000
(Resolution)32X16 pixels             
(The Best View Distance)8m      
(Control System)PCTV+DVI+Optical fiber transmission(Optional)
(The Best View Angle)Horizontal 120°/Vertical 120 ° 
(Work Life)100,000 hours
(Max Power Consumption)≤1300W/㎡     

(Failed Rate)<0.0002

HIGREEN CAILIANG LED module Package way:


Hotel area、The financial sector、Entertainment and Cultural fields、Sports area、Transportation area、Special fields area、Theme park area、Mobile applicfations、Military field、Video conferencing.


1) Reliable quality, advanced and mature technology, compliant with industrial standards and technology developing trend     
2) Good heat emission, waterproof and stable performance      
3) Audio and video interface of the system can offer vivid, complete and high quality LED display to TV broadcasting signal     
4) High resolution and definition of screen image, clear and non-flash screen image     
5) Supports video and radio frequency input, special structure can be freely assembled     
6) The Sports Perimeter Display is most commonly used  for advertising on the perimeter/boundary of football ground, cricket ground, baseball ground, etc

CAILIANG Outdoor LED Display series :
1.Automatic brightness control,super processing ability,strong colour restoration.
2.Support various interfaces and signal sources.
3.Advanced digital control technology, excellent effect.
4.High brightness,even in direct,full-on sunlight to ensure you attract more audience to get short ROI of your  full color outdoor led display screen's investment.
5.Antiseptic and durable, can be used outdoor in all weather.
LED module has easy & simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display system.
With full aluminum alloy structure for light weight and waterproof advantages, HJY outdoor LED display is an perfect external multimedia LED display system designed for changeable and adverse outdoor environment.


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